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The Outpost
The Outpost
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The Outpost
The Outpost
The Outpost
The Outpost
The Outpost

The Outpost

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A Gathering Place for Adventure Seekers

The Outpost is our most stunning design to date. Unique roof geometry creates soaring high ceilings within a 225 sq. ft footprint that sleeps up to 4. Clever window placement creates a nice cross breeze which carries cooler air on the ground floor up and over the loft, with a full wall of glass which can be configured as either a premium curtain wall or custom mulled units. A wood burning stove, full bathroom, and kitchenette provide a feature rich experience in your Outpost in the woods.

Designed with sustainable architecture practices, The Outpost optimizes for passive and active solar performance. We envision orienting this space to accept prevailing summer breezes, while guarding against harsh winter winds. The low operable openings on the ground level and the loft window would encourage natural ventilation through the space.

Equally suited for a single build,a number of these cabins could also be collected in small clusters around communal spaces. These types of configurations would encourage chance encounters and facilitate gathering together outdoors.


  325 sq ft. (15' length x 15' width)
  Approx. 18' (top of foundation to roof peak)
  Sleeps 2-4
  Loft bedroom & Murphy bed
  Loft access via ladder
  Bathroom with shower
  Mini kitchen
  Floor to ceiling windows
  Sustainable design principles

So you're wondering which design package to purchase to enable your process to building a Den?

Click here to read a helpful guide that explains how it all works, and works together.

If you've ever asked...

  • Can I customize or modify my Den design?
  • How will I ensure that my build is compliant to local code (seismic, wind, snow loads, insulation requirements)?
  • Are CAD files available to give to my engineer or architect?
  • Then the Complete Package is for you!

The Complete Package contains:

  • Highly detailed 3D Model in SketchUp format
  • 3D Model contains furniture, kitchen, and bathroom objects
  • Floorplans and elevations in AutoCAD format

What the Complete Package is good for:

  • Customizing your Den design
  • Modifying your Den design to ensure local code compliance
  • Saving money when collaborating with an engineer or architect (It's way less expensive than redrawing all the details from scratch)
  • Exploring your own interior design and furniture selections

We offer customizations for all customers who purchase a Complete package, for an additional project fee.

To request a custom project quote email us at


    Going the route of a tradition build using plans from Den has proven to be the simplest & most affordable approach, as well as the easiest to get permitted.


    The final result is nothing less than stunning. The design is sleek, nestled into the back hillside in a way that is both formidable but also understated.

    Julia Sherman, @saladforpresident

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    Plan your build

    Need to find a contractor, or want to wrap your head around how you'll frame the wall of the cabin? Our detailed plans precisely inform all these conversations.

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