What is DEN?

We are a team of construction experts, designers, and engineers that create scandinavian-inspired cabin construction plan. We perform plan customizations, make introductions to vetted contractors, and offer hourly advisory services for customers looking for design, sourcing, and planning support.

Does DEN build homes?

While we do not build homes ourselves, we work with a trusted network of contractors who can help you turn our plans into reality.

Is DEN designed with DIYers in mind?

Our plans are tailored more towards those collaborating with professionals, like general contractors (GCs) or specialized builders. This approach ensures that the unique features and design intricacies of our buildings are executed to the highest standard.

What are DEN’s services?

We offer pre-designed construction plans, affordable customizations, contractor referrals, as well as advisory services for planning, materials sourcing, and more.

Is there a number I can call to ask questions?

Please click here to set up a call with our team.

Is there a way I can see a house built using a DEN plan in person?

Absolutely! Over a hundred DEN homes have been built around the country. Many of these structures are privately-owned however, there are many that are available for short term rental through Airbnb. See if there’s a DEN available for rent near you here.

Where is DEN based?

DEN started in the Hudson Valley region of New York. Today, the DEN teams live throughout the US.

Does DEN offer customizations?

Once you purchase a DEN plan, you can request customizations from our network of design for an affordable fee via our digital platform tool. You can learn more about customizations and other services by setting up a call with a member of our team.

Where is DEN available?

DEN is broadly available in the lower 48 states. We have had successful builds in almost every single state in the US. We are currently awaiting confirmation of the first projects in Alaska and Hawaii. Many customers in Canada have localized DEN designs to Canadian building code.

Does DEN stamp their plans?

DEN does not stamp plans. Plan stamping requires requires a level of local expertise that DEN cannot offer. We recommend that customers use DEN plans to find a local architect or engineer with deep familiarity with local conditions and inspection requirements to secure a stamp. For customers who purchase the "Complete" package, DEN refers customers to local architects and engineers who can provide stamps. Read more here

What do I need to get started with DEN?

DEN's plans, customization services, engineering services, and contractor matching program is designed for individuals who have purchased land and secured capital to begin developing that property. Some of our customers have purchased plans before buying land to envision the scope of their project or to imagine what it is that they want to build, but generally speaking, it is helpful to have a specific site in mind, and financing in place prior to engaging DEN to provide preconstruction services.

Do I get customizations included in my purchase of the complete package?

DEN's complete package offering includes everything you need to get an engineering stamp of approval, interview contractors, and begin securing permits for your build. The complete package does not include any customizations offered through our platform, which are billed at a separate per customization fee, starting at $499.

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