Build your new space in the outdoors

Discover how Den helps you take the headaches out of new construction

For Modern Design Lovers

Den offers modern architecture priced with real people in mind. Using our plans and tools to guide you along your way, you’re guaranteed to take some of the headaches out of building something new.

For Builders of Den Designs

Imagine knowing exactly what to do, with everything carefully described down to the light switches you’ll install. Den offers builders the security and confidence of a comprehensive specification to keep your project on schedule and on budget.

Den Designs Are...

Simple to Build

Classic roof lines and a straightforward yet beautiful design approach, with no complicated engineering requirements.

Architect Grade

Our team of architects ensure your Den is smartly crafted, with clever space planning and timeless design.

Heirloom Quality

Designed to be passed down, we specify only lasting and sustainable materials while minimizing future points of failure.

Cost Efficient

Our designs aim to minimize cost in materials and labor, in order to give you the most house for your money.

Ready for Local Teams

No guesswork with comprehensive specifications enabling the success of local experts and teams.

Easily Customizable

With CAD files in hand, make changes to personalize your design while ensuring local code compliance.

How it works

Step 1 : Plan for Success

There’s no better way to understand the project you’re about to build than by reviewing a set of plans, otherwise you’re just guessing based on photos. Den Starter Packages contain a ton of detail to help you and your builder start scoping the project in real terms.

Sample details from our plans →

The Starter Package lets you →

  Interview builders and get higher quality estimates
  Share with your HOA to get basic approvals
  Figure out how much your project will cost in your area
  Review the design in detail to see if you really really like it
  See if the closets are big enough
  Talk with your building department about a permit

Step 2 : Customize and make your Den design work for you.

Know exactly which design you want to build, but want to make a few changes? Personalizing your Den and making your home or cabin ready to get its building permit is easy as purchasing the editable and interactive source files. You'd give this package to an engineer or architect to review and stamp the plans.

The Customization Package lets you →

  Customize your Den design (materials, window placement, walls, and overall footprint)
  Change the foundation type to better suite your site or preference
  Ensure local code compliance (seismic, Title 24, hurricane, or extreme snow loads)
  Get your plans stamped by an engineer or architect
  Translate the design for metric, Eurocode, and other non US markets
  Save time and money by not having to redraw all the details from scratch
  Explore your own interior design and furniture selections

Step 3 : Complete your design with even more detail

Make your project move faster with the confidence of a comprehensive specification. This package gives you every last detail to save you, and your builder time in deciding what to buy. Want a Den that looks just as good as the photos on our website? This is for you.

The Complete Package lets you →

  Save time and money with a complete materials take off (bill of materials)
  Review advanced details like mechanical, plumbing, and electrical systems
  Take the guesswork out of which equipment and appliances to buy
  Achieve a Den style result with specific furniture and fixture recommendations

A solution for every step of the way

Purchase the complete package to save money, or buy each package one at a time depending on your need. We find our customers buy 1-2 starter packages before going "all in" on the design they want to build.

See what each package offers →


Starter Package

Custom Package
Best Value
Complete Package
Sketchup (Editable)
CAD (Editable)
Kitchen & Bathroom Details
Window & Door Schedule
Roof & Floor Framing
Deck Framing
Structural Details
Mech., Electrical, Plumbing
Full Materials List
Furniture & Objects

Now you’re on your way to building your Den!

Remember that local expert we mentioned above? At some point, you will have to engage a local engineer to review and potentially modify the plans before they stamp/approve them on the path to you getting your building permit. Finding an engineer to do this for you is as easy as searching for a "home or structural engineer near me" in Google.

Want us to act as your concierge and guide you from start to getting your permit?

Email a Den team member today!