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Hey, can we add in a backdoor over here?

Jannet McDavid

7 minutes ago


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Sterling Homes

$260,500 – $280,250

McKeal Group

$260,500 – $280,250


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The Alma House

  • Wisconsin

  • Added a second loft

  • Modern Farmhouse Loft

  • $125/sqft

[Den plans] are beautiful and DIY friendly. Can’t complain, I just wish I could build them all!

Brent Johnson

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At Den we have invested heavily in being able to provide relevant cost estimates for all of our builds and house plans, using Gordian as our source of truth for current national pricing, build costs, and home prices.

Finding the perfect property for your project lays the foundation for a lifetime of happiness. The land which you choose to steward not only defines the experience of where your home sits, but also your life.

Should you purchase plans and stick to traditional construction or a go with a prefab cabin kit? We're familiar with scenarios in which either plans or prefab would be the way to go.

Between family events, holidays, and vacation time, your family cabin probably sits unused for a good chunk of the year. You can turn those vacant nights and weekends into an income stream to offset mortgage, maintenance, and utility costs.

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