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We offer a remarkably easy way to approach building beautiful custom architecture, with a delightful all online process that starts with purchasing a DEN plan and ends with your dream home, cabin, or ADU.

Why People Choose DEN →

Beautiful Buildings

Our team of architects create spaces that make a statement while carefully balancing cost.

Cost Effective

With pre-designed plans you're saving time and money versus going with a traditional design firm.

Customized Designs

Work with a DEN Designer to develop custom plans based on our designs.

No Hassle Process

Our guided all online process means you can start as early as today!

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People love building Den designs →

Everything is designed really well. The lofted ceilings. The oversized doors. All the little details. It is very non-pro user friendly. Hiring an architect can be a nightmare. People tell me they are paying $12-15k for designs. DEN saved me a lot of money.


The final result is nothing less than stunning. The design is sleek, nestled into the back hillside in a way that is both formidable but also understated.

Julia Sherman, @saladforpresident

When Den came out with the Barnhouse Plus, it was exactly the design we needed, and it was also unique enough to diversify our build from the other short-term rentals in the area.

Megan Moulton, @tenmileden

I bought a Den plan, took it to my building dept. and was able to start my build 3 days later!

Kristie Mae Wolfe, @kristiemaewolfe

Going the route of a tradition build using plans from Den has proven to be the simplest & most affordable approach, as well as the easiest to get permitted.

Stephen Proctor, @rivendellxpnw

Regardless of If you’re building a Den as designed or just using their resources as a jumping off point for a custom build, Mike and his team are incredibly responsive and collaborative.

Emilio Madrid

Den's detailed plans took the guess work out of building my perfect cabin in the woods.

Nicholas Potts, @pottsypotts

Den's designs are elegant, simple, and approachable. Build one. It will bring you joy.

Avner Ronen, @treehousewillow

The customization process with DEN was great. I'm really happy with how this turned out!

Terrilyn McCormick

Featured Projects →

The ChArlie House

A 1000 Sq. Ft Den A-Frame House in West Saugerties, Catskill Mountains, New York.

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The Alma House

A Barnhouse Loft inspires a little Scandinavian inspired oasis in the hills of west central Wisconsin.

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Ten Mile Den

A beautiful Barnhouse Plus vacation rental gets built in the woods of Central Illinois.

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Modern architecture priced with real people in mind. Our team of designers ensure your Den is smartly crafted, with clever space planning and timeless design.

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Imagine knowing exactly what to do, with everything carefully described down to the light switches you’ll install. Den offers builders the security and confidence of a comprehensive specification to keep your project on schedule and on budget.

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The Den team is always ready to give you a helping hand and answer any question you may have along your building journey.

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