The DEN Manifesto

DEN began because we know that building a cabin changes who you are, having a cabin changes how you live, and sharing a cabin changes how you engage with others. Today, we serve a diverse global community of dreamers, DIYers, and doers who are as enthusiastic as we are about bringing the outdoors in. Together, we trust in the power of communal construction, we embrace the uncertainty of pushing our limits, and we believe...

We live in the natural world.

We strive to be aware of the daily details that connect us with the world. We notice sunlight dappling a sidewalk, the taste of a bite of ripe berry, the smell of fall, the feeling of dewy grass on bare feet. These things remind us that we are immersed in nature, no matter where we are.

We are custodians of the land.

DEN projects are designed to protect green space with minimal impact on the spaces they occupy. We encourage our builders to do the same and are committed to helping our community form stronger connections with the outdoors while ensuring the longevity of the landscapes they fall in love with.

The woods are open to all.

We believe that all humans have the right to live a healthier, more-fulfilling, outdoor-oriented lifestyle. We are committed to management practices that affirm the equality of every person on planet earth, and we strive to make nature more accessible to those who are historically disadvantaged or marginalized.

We can’t escape the present.

We exist in the now, but we can create a new future. We don’t design escape pods, and we don’t believe in disconnecting to recharge. Instead, we help people shift towards ways of living that are rejuvenating. You have always had this spirit; you have never been depleted.

DEN plans and products are designed to be built in nature, for people seeking built-in nature. Our team knows no borders, participating from Brazil, India, both coasts of the United States, and Germany. We work from apartments, farmhouses, and, yes, cabins. We bring the outdoors in, and we send it off to you.