How much does it cost to build a DEN cabin?

We approach designing all our cabins to balance features, square footage, and cost.

Nothing is truly custom in our cabins, which keeps the building cost low. All the windows and doors are available as standard catalog items from major manufacturers. The cabinetry is designed to make use of readily available catalog items from big retailers like Ikea.

We designed this purposefully to enable you to achieve a beautiful, modern outcome without breaking the bank and without the headaches of ordering custom components.

We encourage our customers to plan for a construction cost of at least $153 per square foot (the national average), including labor. 

So, a 168 square foot cabin will cost roughly $25,704 to build (168*153=25,704). 

This cost assumes the use of labor, and that you’ll be working with a team of carpenters, plumbers, and electricians to build your cabin. While it could be less expensive than this if you put some sweat equity into the project, and do some of the work yourself, $153/sqft is a good benchmark to start your planning process with.

Keep in mind that if you work with a more premium builder or use more premium materials this number could go up.

 Here's a few other considerations:

  • The benchmark we represent is a national average and doesn't reflect specific localized pricing. For example, if you were to build anything in Malibu CA, it would be more than nearly anywhere in Texas.
  • We don't dynamically reflect the daily and weekly fluctuations in materials cost. For example, since COVID began the cost of lumber has increased as much as 60% in some localities.
  • The forecasted pricing also EXCLUDES two main cost categories. Land and Land prep/site fees (driveway, clearing, well and septic), and FFE (Furniture, Fixtures and Equipment). This exclusion is traditional in all housing pricing models.
  • The best way to understand the DIY/materials cost this is to buy a plan and show it to a local building supply store and request what's called a "take-off" (a free service) and they will give you an estimate of materials and costs for everything they have in inventory that will enable your build.




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