On Top of the World: Design Breathtaking Custom Mountain Homes

When you're planning your dream home, inspiration can come from anywhere. Some people build their dream homes around a specific room, like a chef-worthy kitchen. Others keep a design feature in mind, like a jaw-dropping wall of windows. But if you're like us, nothing gets your imagination running like the great outdoors, and there's no outdoors greater than mountain viewsMountain homes are the ultimate dwellings for nature lovers. Whether you're longing for a sprawling chalet or a cozy getaway, we've got you covered.

Mountain homes: Outpost Plus

Feel on Top of the World With Mountain Homes

City life certainly has its appeal. Convenience and accessibility are sought-after perks of urban living. But if you find yourself itching to get away from high-rises and townhouses, you're not alone.

The clarity and peacefulness of being in the mountains is undeniable. Fresh air, beautiful views, and a break from the hustle and bustle are more than relaxing — they're also linked to numerous health benefits. It's no wonder why people are drawn to hike, explore, and vacation at high altitudes.

But for some folks, a vacation just isn't enough. Why settle for a few days in the peace and majesty of the mountains when you could wake up to it every morning? These mountain homes will make it easy to understand why not everyone who goes up must come down. 

Mountain Homes of All Shapes and Sizes

Building a custom home in the mountains can incorporate a wide variety of styles and designs, from cozy log cabins to impressive chateaus that don't skimp out on square feet. Here are some of our favorite house plans for mountain homes.

The Mountain-Top Barndo 

Mountain homes: Barndo

Barndominium house plans have their roots in — you guessed it — barns and farmhouses. But these spacious designs are versatile. With the right lot, you can enjoy breathtaking mountain views from the comfort of a barndo.

DEN Outdoors’ 4 Bedroom Barndo offers you 3,456 square feet of living space — plenty of room for entertaining, working, hobby spaces, and relaxing. It makes a great shared living space for multigenerational families but it can also serve as a spacious single-family home. The floor-to-ceiling windows allow you to take in the views from anywhere in the house, from the soaking tub to the open-concept living room. Or gather around the fire pit and gaze up at an array of stars in a night sky free of light pollution.

With a large build like our barndominium, you'll get the best of both worlds. The outdoors is integrated into the design with large windows and a full-length patio, while the spacious interiors and expandable garage give you plenty of space for indoor hobbies. You can store your cars and tools in the garage, tinker in the free space, or use it as a studio for artmaking or movement. The quiet life you experience in mountain homes leaves you with more time and space to finally take up those pastimes, and the Barndo is designed to help you do so. 

A Modern Tiny Home for the Mountains

Mountain homes: Modern Alpine Cabin

Whether you're building on a small lot, sticking to a limited price range, or drawn to the small footprint and nature-infused lifestyle of tiny homes, a small mountain cabin can be just as appealing as a ski chalet for some homeowners. With a small cabin, you'll be encouraged to get outdoors and experience the beautiful nature surrounding your mountain home firsthand.

Tiny homes don't have to feel cramped or limited. With strategic interior design and a skillfully designed floor plan, you can live large even in a small space.

DEN's Modern Alpine Cabin allows you to fully experience the natural beauty of the mountains without sacrificing comfort. This 448 sq. ft. tiny home features soaring 19-foot ceilings, a walkaround deck, floor-to-ceiling windows and skylights with an optional balcony, and even a full bathroom with a soaking tub. Although it's packed with luxurious touches, the cabin's modern interior keeps this tiny house open and spacious. Admire the mountain views from the lofted bedroom, or enjoy an evening drink on the ample deck. You can choose between a wood or gas stove to stay warm on crisp mountain nights and prepare fresh food in the cabin's full kitchen.

If you have more space on your property, you can enhance your tiny home with a standalone office. The DEN Studio Plus provides you with a 140 sq. ft. dedicated workspace where you can do your job, run your business, or explore the creativity inspired by your natural surroundings.  

A-Frame Luxury

Mountain homes: A-Frame Family

The distinctive silhouette of an A-frame house seems like it was made with mountain homes in mind, but these designs are more than aesthetically pleasing. The sloping roof minimizes damage from water and snow, which is ideal for all mountain homes but especially those in areas with heavy winters, like Colorado and upstate New York. In addition, these homes are an easy build because the frame consists of the same repeating shape. They're great for new construction DIY projects.

Many homeowners shy away from A-frame houses because the upper levels have less floor space. But our A-Frame Family house plans will help you build a deluxe home with two full-size primary suites on the lofted second story. This 2,146 sq. ft. A-frame will give you ample room to enjoy life in the mountains.

With 30 feet of floor-to-ceiling windows, you'll get the most of the mountain views and natural light to keep the interior feeling airy and open. The front and rear decks provide multiple vantage points for taking in the surroundings as well. Grab your morning coffee and catch the sunrise from the front deck, or set up your grill and patio furniture in the back for cookouts in the fresh air. 

The Garage

While the A-Frame Family is spacious enough to accommodate up to eight people, you can add more space with a DEN Garage. Mountain homes often require a heavy-duty vehicle capable of handling rocky terrain or transporting supplies, and a garage can keep those vehicles running for the long haul. Choose between capacity for two or three cars so you'll have plenty of room for a workshop or extra storage. 

A Lofted Lakeside Cabin

Outpost Plus exterior

While mountain homes often embrace rustic design, there's no reason you can't build a cabin with a modern style in natural settings. Modern architecture provides a striking contrast to a rugged landscape while still allowing you to integrate nature into your home.

The unique roof line of our Outpost Plus cabin, for instance, both stands out from and works with the natural world. Its sleek modern design is unlike any traditional mountain homes, but the 25-foot ceilings and the floor-to-ceiling wall of windows welcome the surrounding nature into the house. You'll feel like the natural landscape is a part of your home with the natural light and sweeping views.

This 925 sq. ft. cabin features a lofted bedroom with a partially closed wall, making it perfect for a couple or solo occupant to enjoy the view while still having some privacy. The open-concept main floor makes heating and cooling efficient, whether you're staying warm with a fire or taking in a refreshing breeze. This distinctive cabin is especially well suited for property overlooking mountain lakes, so you can admire the water from the comfort of your living room or while relaxing on the elevated deck. 

How to Decorate and Style Mountain Homes

Once you've found the right mountain home for you, consider how you want to style the interior. Many mountain homes are decorated in simple, rustic fashions, but whether you're building a custom home or browsing open houses of mountain homes for sale, you might be wondering how contemporary decor fits in.

Minimalist aesthetics and modern styles work well in mountain homes. They complement the natural surroundings and keep the interiors bright and open. Here are some examples of interior design to consider for your mountain home.

Modern and Minimalist

Modern Alpine Cabin interior

At DEN, our cabins and homes are often styled with clean, modern decor. Bright, neutral color palettes with natural wood keep our stylings close to nature while allowing our contemporary designs to shine. The combination of white walls and blonde wood accents creates an airy and open feeling in small cabins and tiny homes, while enhancing the spaciousness of larger builds.

Traditional mountain homes are often decorated with dark wood and heavy furniture, but these features can make your interiors feel smaller and crowded. Open up your home with a modern minimalist style instead. Choose light wood for your floors, and incorporate furniture in matching hues for a cohesive style. You can even include ceiling beams in the same wood to enhance the decor. Especially in homes with vaulted ceilings, drawing the eyes upward with matching ceiling beams can elevate your overall interior design. 

Log Cabin Chic

Interior of a bedroom

If the classic log cabin is the style you've always envisioned for your mountain home, there are plenty of ways to incorporate it into your decor. With some adjustments, you can lighten up traditional log cabin style for a chic and stylish interior. Replace the logs with wood paneling in warm tones. Instead of the dark, heavy appearance of logs lining the walls, panels will create more space in your rooms while still adding color and texture to your walls. Complement these walls with darker neutral fabrics that invoke warmth and comfort. 

Cozy Cottage Interiors

Living room with a fireplace

Another contemporary take on a classic style that suits mountain homes is modern cottage interior design. The cozy image of a cottage tucked in a clearing or nestled on a mountainside is iconic but that doesn't mean it can't be blended with modern features. You can capture the comfortable and quaint vibes of a classic cottage by building on a bright, minimalist interior.

Adding stonework to the walls, whether for a fireplace and chimney or for an entire accent wall, will immediately create a cottage-inspired element to your home. The same light wood and matching furniture and beams that make a modern minimalist style work will provide a perfect canvas for your contemporary cottage. Incorporate accents made from natural fibers, like braided throw rugs, woven baskets, and light, neutral textiles for a bright and cozy interior. 

Customize Dream Mountain Homes with DEN

Carpenters building a house

Be it an impressive ski chalet or a charming tiny house, your home in the mountains should be a celebration of the majesty of the natural world. Large windows, outdoor spaces, and bright, modern decor make it easy to appreciate the wonder that surrounds mountain homes. With DEN, you can build the custom mountain home of your dreams. 

Choose a design from our library and your house plans will be delivered instantly, along with detailed building guides that will help you secure financing, set your budget, and start planning with your homebuilder. You can follow our plans as they're designed, or work with our team of experts to customize your plans and bring your vision to life. Start building your mountain home with DEN today.



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