Customize your blueprints and make your DEN your own.

Your DEN should be unique to you. Need a bathroom added or a wall shifted? Our team of architects and engineers can quickly and easily modify your design to suit your needs.


Streamlined process & fair pricing

Why customize your plans with DEN?

Work with an expert DEN designer

Our inhouse team of architects and engineers can quickly and easily modify your design to suit your needs.

Pre-designed plans for easy changes

With pre-designed plans you're saving time and money versus going with a traditional design firm. Everything is practically already done, we're just shaping it to you!

Fair price estimates & fast turnarounds

Our customizations process makes it easy to understand costs and schedule. Our team typically responds to your questions within less than 1 business day.

Modern Loft Barnhouse

from $249.00

The Outpost

from $299.00

A-frame Retreat

from $299.00

Five simple steps

Let's customize your plans

Begin with the Complete package

Once you’ve decided on the design to move forward with DEN, upgrade your Starter plan to a Complete package (we’ll put the cost of the starter plan towards the complete package). This unlocks features like editable CAD files, 3D models, fine details about the structure and bones of the house, and the full materials list. You’re ready to build!

Send us your ideas and alterations

Draw, scribble or annotate on top of your plans and share them with us.

Receive a fair priced estimate

We provide you an exact estimate for the changes.

Invest in your custom project

You authorize the additional investment required for the changes and pay the deposit for the design (50% of customization)

Receive your custom DEN plans

We provide the new plans and project assets to you!

We've added a skylight over the bed, so you can see the stars at night!

Den Outdoors

2 minutes ago

Hey, can we add french doors here?

Jannet McDavid

2 minutes ago

Plans unique to you

What changes are possible?

Menu of services

If you're wondering if you can change the foundation, floorplan, windows and doors, or the roof pitch? The answer is yes! Our estimated customization costs with examples are listed below.

Minor Changes

$300 - $1000 each


Room layout changes (excluding kitchen & bath) Changing, adding, or removing less than 50% of the doors and windows Foundation change to either pier and beam, crawl space, slab on grade, simple full basement

    Moderate Changes

    $1000 - $2000 each


    Redesigning kitchen, living room, bedrooms, bathrooms, etc. and rearranging room location in the floor plan. House expansion with additional rooms lengthwise along the ridge beam. Significant door & window changes (ie. glass walls, new entry points, moving or resizing 50% or more of the windows) Changing roof pitch (not roof type) Adding decks or patios Adding a second floor or full finished basement with rooms

      You asked. We answered.

      When can DEN provide me with an estimate?

      While our team can provide you with an estimate for your requested changes ahead of you buying the plans, it's important to consider that this will only be a range. Only after buying the plans, marking them up, and sharing your specific ideas with us will we be able to provide you with an exact price.

      How long will it take to get my custom design?

      Every customization is unique and created with care and precision from our highly skilled architectural team. Our aim is to quickly deliver accurate designs without compromising on quality. Minor changes only (6hrs or less) Approximately 1-2 weeks.
      Moderate changes (8-18hrs) 2-3 weeks. High quantity of moderate changes (18-30hrs) 3-5 weeks

      What changes won’t DEN do?

      Though our team can do just about anything you can imagine with a CAD file, just because we can doesn’t mean we should. Our team is not able to 1) Recreate another design that's not ours, 2) Create a new design from scratch, 3) Design additions to existing structures 4) Localize our designs to a specific county

      What’s included in my customization?

      When your customization is complete, we provide you with1) Updated Plan Set pdf 2) CAD files in .dwg 3) 3D files in .bmx format

      What about the materials list?

      Your materials list will still be a useful guide for your builder, even after your customization. If you want to add a crisp new list to match your crisp new plans, we can provide an updated Materials List worksheet and Materials Takeoff sheet for an additional $350 fee.

      Are my building permits included?

      We do not include this in our plan packages today. If your municipality requires a final stamp of approval it will need to be done locally. Some DEN plans don’t require a building permit, however, others do. Consult an experienced local engineer to review the plans, site conditions, and local building requirements.

      The final result is nothing less than stunning. The design is sleek, nestled into the back hillside in a way that is both formidable but also understated.

      Julia Sherman


      A-Frame Bunk

      from $99.00

      When Den came out with the Barnhouse Plus, it was exactly the design we needed, and it was also unique enough to diversify our build from the other short-term rentals in the area.

      Megan Moulton


      Barnhouse Plus

      from $349.00

      Going the route of a tradition build using plans from Den has proven to be the simplest & most affordable approach, as well as the easiest to get permitted.

      Stephen Proctor


      Modern Alpine

      from $199.00