The Den Cabin Kit

A diy cabin kit so easy it can be built in a long weekend

an easy and cost-effective way for anyone to create the cozy retreat of their dreams.

a beautiful A-frame cabin that you would never guess came packaged in a flat box.

an ideal guest house, yoga studio or study.

It's no surprise the Den A-frame kit has become so popular.

Cabin Kit Forever Sold Out. Thanks to all our customers!

An A-frame Cabin for All

A timeless A-frame to relax and sleep in, work out, or a place to focus and do some work.

The Den A-frame Cabin is the only kit that can be fully assembled in as little as 3 days.

As you open the door and step into your cabin, you’ll notice that it’s more than a beautiful structure, it’s a functional tool that brings you closer to nature.

Available in 3 exterior finishes →

A cabin already lives in the Catskills →

Where adventure & architecture meet →

Unforgettable design

A comfortable and spacious cabin make for an inspiring and memorable stay

A window to the world

Floor to ceiling windows provide a wide and unobstructed view of the natural landscape.

Striking geometry

Crisp lines and the unmistakeable signature shape of an A-frame

Off Grid or On

You're truly only limited by how far you want to transport building materials into the woods.

Reserve Your Cabin

Not your average cabin kit

Every detail has been carefully considered and thoughtfully crafted, and it arrives flat packed and ready to build.

Assembly is made easier because of the following →

Field Ready

No heavy equipment required, all parts can be carried by hand

No Special Tools

Pre-drilled holes allow for easy & fast bolting using simple tools

Truly Complete

Everything down to the door hardware included

Features →

  115 sq ft. (no permit required in many locations)
  16' tall with 11' high ceilings
  Sleeps 2 with a king, queen, or two twin beds
  Floor to ceiling windows
  Vented operating window
  Air Inlet Vent
  Off grid or on grid setup
  4 seasons compatible with thermally insulated floors and walls

This kit comes with →

Illustrated instructional manual
All parts identified and labeled for construction ease
12' Tall wall of windows with thermally insulated double pane glass
All structural framing members (roof, floor, walls)
All exterior cladding surfaces (zip panels and marine grade plywood)
All interior cladding surfaces (cabinet grade plywood)
All bolts, nuts, screws and other fasteners
Wood clad entry door with included door hardware
Architectural metal roofing
[Optional] Regionally matched insulation package
[Optional] Solar Package
[Optional] Propane Heater

Process to purchasing your Den A-frame Kit →

$2000 Refundable Deposit* → Den reserves your place in our next production batch
$18000 Stage 1 Payment → Den begins fabricating your cabin kit
$7000 Stage 2 Payment → Den releases cabin for shipping
$27,000 for the Den A-frame Kit**
*Refundable for up to 14 days from deposit date
**Freight costs calculated based on distance from Den warehouse
**Taxes, add-ons, and freight costs are added to the base price and passed through as final payment
***Volume based discounts available only on orders of 10+

Turn your backyard into extra space and income →

Fast payback

Command premium nightly rates and pay back in full in 100 nights

Quick to build

Build your cabin in days, you can start booking immediately

Permit friendly

Semi permanent, so scale up or down as needed

Build a modern campground →