Full Cost Breakdown of a DEN Customer Build

In this video, DEN Outdoor's customer Nicolas Potts (Pottsy) discusses some of the key costs involved in building his beautiful Den Outdoors A-Frame House. Follow along on this full cabin cost breakdown video as Pottsy mentions expenses ranging from land to glass, heating and cooling, his roof, and more. To see more of the layout and design of this build, check out the recent full video tour we released from this same cabin: https://youtu.be/E5VB22VHcT0
Plus, an updated note on the glass for the windows from Pottsy: The glass is argon filled and would be comparable to a regular double pane window as far as insulation goes.

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Detailed Cost Breakdown:

Land: $65,000
All Glass for Windows/Doors: $20,000
Heating & Cooling: $18,500
Furnishings: $15,000
Stonework: $14,000
Roof: $14,000
Deck: $10,000
Appliances: $8,500
Tempered Glass: $6,000
Automated Blinds: $850

*The additional budget not specifically mentioned accounts for materials costs, labor, tools, and other miscellaneous items*

Total Build Cost: ~$500,000
Cost per Square Foot: ~$500/sqft

**Yes, we know, this is expensive! We’re all about transparency and we wanted to cover this build because it’s beautiful. Look out for another cost breakdown video with a much lower cost per sqft. We still stand by our quote of $244.50/sqft as the national average! The Catskills is an expensive building region**