DEN Customer Build Video: Nicolas Potts A-frame House DIY Construction

We are documenting the build process of DEN customer Nicolas Potts as he DIYs the A-frame House.

This is the first video in our upcoming customer build series! Hear from Pottsy on where he's building, why he decided to go with DEN, and how his build is going so far. Plus, see some gorgeous shots of the framing phase of Pottsy's A-frame build.

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Den A-Frame House Exterior

Video Transcription:

I was riding my motorbike and I saw the guy putting out a sign for sale by owner. I realized right away, I need to build it right there.

My name's Pottsy, we're here in the Catskill mountains and this is West Saugerties here.

I'm on a 15 acre lot and I'm building The large DEN A-frame.

This project for me is primarily about the satisfaction of building something from scratch and being able to enjoy it myself, being able to also have the potential income from renting it out.

I honestly don't know of any other places selling high quality well-designed plans.

It all just look beautiful and I can just go with that and order everything. I've got my hands full in life, and DEN just made it easy.

I think anyone can do it.

I think the first step is just to find your land work out where makes sense for you then, you know, by your plans and just go from there.

Just keep rolling.