Modern Box House: Clean Lines and Bold Designs

Modern box houses often have simple, geometric designs with striking textures and finishes. They can range from tiny houses and converted shipping containers to sprawling mansions overlooking upscale neighborhoods. And because right angles rarely exist in nature, these boxy patterns interact with the natural world in an eye-catching manner.

If you’re into minimalism and clean lines, these simple house designs might be exactly what you’re looking for.

In this guide on modern box houses, we’ll look at what modern design is, check out a few examples of modern box houses, and go over some home design ideas you’ll love. 

Modern box house: Barnhouse Family

What Is Modern Design All About?

Most modern designs have minimal clean lines but bold shapes. They are shrouded in neutral, earthy tones but have contrasting accents and textures. In addition, modern designs ingeniously hide many features and appliances away, focusing on open-concept spaces that bring all rooms into view.

As our home needs and expectations have changed, modern architecture has had to become more adaptable, and that’s just what it’s done. The complicated designs of yesterday that clash and get in the way if you change another element are gone. Instead, a modern box house is adaptable to your needs as they change.

Modern design is about stripping away the frills to get to what makes your home feel like home.

Modern House Design Meets Small House Design

A hallmark of the modern house is open-concept design. The unobstructed living areas, large windows, and interaction with the outdoors create a natural flow, allowing your space to evolve with your needs.

Today’s homeowners are looking to open up their living spaces, and some homebuilders have used this to boost their bottom line by adding more square feet to new builds. But bigger builds mean added cost, upkeep, materials, and environmental strain.

The modern box house shines for environmentally-conscious millennials who want to shrink their footprint without feeling cramped. These open floor plans can be small on square feet without losing the spacious look and feel of the living area.

Let’s look at a few examples.

The Outpost Plus

Modern box house: Outpost Plus

With our base build coming in at just 925 sq. ft., the soaring 25-foot floor-to-ceiling windows and open-concept design make this reasonable footprint feel generous. In addition, this beautiful piece of modern architecture features a large loft, full staircase, laundry closet, wood-burning stove, and two bedrooms. And there’s plenty of space for a dining room table or a kitchen island.

The stand-out exterior design and roofline aren’t just for show, either. This house is designed to work with nature, creating energy efficiency by keeping cool in the summer and warm in the winter despite the glass walls.

Our modern house plans are fully customizable, and The Outpost Plus allows full creativity as you decide how to set it up. 

Modern box house: Outpost Plus living room

Whether looking out over an expansive lake or a sprawling meadow, large windows give you the feel of being in nature while you sit comfortably inside your home. The uniqueness of this design makes it an attractive rental property, as well. 

The Studio Plus

Modern box house: The Studio Plus

The largest build in DEN's Fieldwork series is perfect for a standalone workspace, but it's also a prime example of the modern box house style. Even with a 140 square-foot floor plan, the Studio Plus has a spacious open concept that extends to its outdoor spaces with the cantilevered roof.

The simplicity of the box house design allows for plenty of room in a small package. The minimalist exterior of the house complements its clean lines and open spaces, and the floor-to-ceiling picture window keeps the interior bright and airy. 

The Studio Plus room

If you’re considering building a larger home, the Studio Plus design could be a perfect jumping-off point for your house plans

Boxy Homes Can Also Be Big

Small modern box houses can create a big feel with a limited footprint. But if you need a lot of space, the modern houses we’ve highlighted below exceed expectations. 



Another modern favorite, the barndominium usually boasts a large, boxy footprint. The style began with barn-to-house conversions, but today’s barndominiums are often built new and tailored to your specifications. And at 3,456 sq. ft., the Barndo is DEN's biggest house plan.

The popularity of barndominiums comes from their size and simplicity. They usually feature large work areas that can double as a garage or rec room. Some people even open customer-facing businesses out of these spacious workshops, while others find them a great place to tinker or shoot hoops in the winter. And with 22-foot ceilings, sinking a three-pointer in a 10-foot net is no problem.

The DEN Barndo features four bedrooms, three and a half bathrooms, a huge workshop, over 1,000 sq. ft. of loft space, and floor-to-ceiling windows. The design is straightforward and lends itself well to minimalist and modern farmhouse styling so that you can enjoy the spacious interior to the fullest. 

Barndo living room

About Barndominium Design

Due to the nature of these builds, barndominium interior design often features a farmhouse or rustic aesthetic. They also encourage outdoor interaction with features like exterior kitchens and firepits. 

Inspired Looks for Your Modern Box House

Modern box houses can be big or small on the outside, but it’s what you do to make them yours on the inside that matters most. So here are a few kitchen and living room ideas to spark your creativity.

Modern Kitchen Designs

Barnhouse Family kitchen

The kitchen is known for its openness and simplicity in a contemporary home. The straight lines, basic materials, contrasting tones, and hidden features create a well-planned, minimalist aesthetic. Oh, and light. Lots of light flooding in. But one of the best features of these kitchens is the connectedness they bring to your home.

Food is about togetherness with family and friends, whether you're eating or preparing it. No one wants to be isolated from everyone else when preparing a meal for themselves or their family. And with large windows, expansive views, and no walls to separate it from the rest of the house, the modern kitchen can serve as a cozy gathering space.

These open designs fit perfectly with modern box homes, whether you're drawn to a minimalist look or a country kitchen feel

Living Room Designs for the Modern Box House

Modern Loft Barnhouse living room

Living rooms in modern box houses usually boast simple designs, but they make big impressions. Like modern kitchens, they’re filled with natural light and work to bring you closer to nature.

Large sectionals, desks, several chairs, and easy access to the kitchen island are also common features. Since we now spend more time working at home, having many places to be is becoming more important.

A Modern Box House Could Be What You're Looking For

The modern box house is a wonderful example of modern architecture. Though they can come in many packages, there are usually a few defining characteristics, like clean lines, a minimalist look, large windows, and open-concept floor plans.

DEN has a whole catalog of options you can select from. Each of our affordable modern home plans is fully customizable and comes with everything you need to build the house you’ve always dreamt of. If you want to know how easy it can be to build your new home, check out our collection of innovative designs and let us know which one is your favorite.

Once you choose one, we’ll stay with you every step of the way to ensure your build is done right.




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