Loft Cabin
Loft Cabin
Loft Cabin
Loft Cabin

Loft Cabin

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An A-frame Tiny House

Your favorite tiny house just got an upgrade. Due to popular demand, we designed the Loft Cabin to add extra space to our most popular tiny house design. Elevating the distinctive Den tiny house design with a gabled and sky-high ceiling, we redid the floor plan for a larger living room and fuller kitchen while keeping a bedroom loft, classic full bathroom (this time with a tub), and woodburning stove. Consider this your destination for that extra-long weekend.


  240 sq ft. (20' length x 12' width)
  Approx. 16' (top of foundation to roof peak)
  Sleeps 2
  Loft bedroom
  Full Bathroom with tub
  Kitchen with 24" cabinets
  Floor to ceiling windows
  Mini-split for heat & A/C
$36,720 Cost to build*
*based on the national average of $153/sq ft. 

This Plan Comes With

Instant download via printable .PDF
Readiness for permitting approval
Detailed construction drawings
Description of cabinetry, fixtures, and appliances
Description of windows and doors
Structural materials and IRC (International Residential Code) guidelines

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In order to begin building your Den cabin in nature, you need to start with a set of plans. You can't unlock the rest of the process without them.

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Take your plans to your local building department to ensure your build is compliant with all local regulations, and get your plans approved.

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What does it cost to build?

$153/sq foot with labor included

We encourage all our customers to plan for a construction cost of at least a cost of $153 per square foot (the national average). This cost assumes the use of labor, and that you’ll be working with a team of carpenters, plumbers, and electricians to build your cabin. 

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