The Ultimate Final Walk Through Checklist

A final walk through should start with ensuring that you have a safe and well-built home and end with a celebratory moment to show gratitude to your team of home-building professionals. 

At DEN, we think a final walkthrough is about more than crossing your fingers in hopes that you can cross things off a list, but there's no arguing it's helpful to run through that list before move-in day.  

Here's our ultimate final walk through checklist for the new homeowner, and make sure to read our take on what a good final walk through really looks like. 


  • Have all the agreed upon repairs and replacements been completed?
  • Is everything you’ve purchased with the house still there?
  • Have all the previous owner’s items been removed? 
  • Is the house clean and damage-free from movers?
  • Do you have copies of paid warranties and bills?
  • Have there been any major changes to the house? 


  • Does the heating and cooling system work?
  • Have you checked the thermostat?


  • Is the hot water heater working?
  • Check to make sure all the faucets, drains, and toilets work correctly


  • Check to make sure light fixtures, outlets, and switches work correctly
  • Check for functioning smoke alarm 
  • Check for functioning doorbell, garage door openers, if applicable
  • Is there any exposed wiring?


  • Is the stove working?
  • Are the washer and dryer functioning correctly?
  • Does the refrigerator work correctly?
  • Check other appliances such as the microwave, dishwasher, etc. 


  • Do all windows and doors function correctly?
  • Check locks and latches
  • Are any screens or panes missing?
  • Are all floors in good condition?
  • Is there a noticeable slope to the floor?

Basement/Crawl Space/Attic

  • Have all spaces been emptied?
  • Are there any cracks or movement in the foundation?
  • Is the basement completely dry with a functioning sump pump?
  • Are there any signs of pests?


  • Is the roof in condition?
  • Is the siding in good condition?
  • Are all gutters and downspouts working correctly and clean? 
  • Is the landscaping as you expected to find it?