Introducing BuiltBy You: A New Chapter in DEN’S Legacy

At DEN, we celebrate the fine balance between nature's pristine beauty and innovative home design. Every fiber of our brand is dedicated to creating living spaces that resonate with both the land they sit upon and the individuals who call them home.

Our commitment to our customers, and the broader community of modern home enthusiasts, has always been unwavering. That's why we've taken a fresh step forward, refining our offerings to better align with the aspirations and passions of our growing family of homebuilders.

We're excited to unveil the next evolution and a name change of our catalog of modern cabin plans: BuiltBy You.

From many names to one: the journey to BuiltBy You

In the past, our selection of digital cabin plans went by various names. While these monikers served us well, we realized that to truly encapsulate the heart of these plans and our customers, a unified, more encompassing name was needed. Thus, BuiltBy You was born.

This rebrand isn't merely cosmetic; it's a tribute to our ethos and customers. It is a celebration of every individual who’s taken our plans and, with their own two hands (and perhaps a bit of help!), transformed them into homes that are testaments to modern design, functionality, and personal flair. Every A-Frame, Modern Cabin, and Barnhouse built by our customers is not just a cabin; it's a home filled with memories, aspirations, and wellbeing.

Celebrating our most cherished designs

Over the years, some designs have garnered a special place in the hearts of our customers. Here's a closer look at some of these beloved favorites:


  • The Modern Alpine Plus: A harmonious blend of the Modern Cottage and the A-frame Retreat, this design is an ode to luxury and comfort. The Modern Alpine Plus promises a nature-connected living experience, from its facade of glass to its expansive deck designed for nights under the stars.

    Design highlights include a spacious 918 sq ft area, two full bedrooms, a galley kitchen, and an entire wall of glass ensuring an uninterrupted connection with nature.

  • The A-Frame Retreat: This architectural marvel stands out with its iconic A-frame structure. Designed for those who seek efficient living without compromising on luxury, the A-Frame Retreat boasts expansive views, floor-to-ceiling windows, and a skylight above the bath that reconnects you with nature.

    At 840 sq ft with a loft, this design is a perfect blend of coziness and openness.

  • The Barnhouse Family: Marrying sleek Scandinavian aesthetics with functional design, the Barnhouse Family is all about communal living without sacrificing privacy. Its central space seamlessly integrates cooking, dining, and relaxation, with a covered porch that stretches the home's length, providing a serene outdoor escape.

    Spanning 1,568 sq ft, this design promises ample space for family and guests alike.

An array of options tailored for you

With BuiltBy You, you'll discover our same great, expansive range of digital plans that cater to diverse needs. Whether you're seeking an intimate A-Frame nestled amidst towering pines or a spacious Modern Cabin that plays host to countless family gatherings, BuiltBy You offers a blueprint.

Moreover, these plans have been crafted with flexibility in mind. Need an extra bedroom? Dreaming of an expansive deck? Our plans are adaptable, ensuring your final build mirrors your lifestyle.

A future BuiltBy You

While we also pride ourselves on our full-service home building platform, BuiltBy DEN, available exclusively in the Hudson Valley and now, Austin, TX, we understand the allure of crafting something with personal involvement, and encourage home builders across the country to create their dream homes.

BuiltBy You is our salute to the DIY spirit of the dreamers and the doers. It's a tribute to those who, armed with a vision, turn empty plots of land into architectural marvels that complement the unique beauty of both nature and innovation.

We're thrilled to be part of your home-building journey and can't wait to see the myriad ways in which our plans, under the BuiltBy You identity, become part of landscapes across the country. Whatever you dream, remember, it's not just Built by DEN. It's BuiltBy You, too.

If you’re looking to get started on building your dream modern home, check out BuiltBy You, our catalog of beautiful cabin plans, designed with nature and longevity in mind. Looking to build in the Hudson Valley or Austin, TX? Check out BuiltBy DEN, our full-service build platform that takes the stress and guesswork out of homebuilding.