DEN Launches Full Service Homebuilding in Austin, TX

Fall is here in the Hudson Valley, signaling change and new beginnings, and today I’m thrilled to announce a change of our own – the launch of BuiltBy DEN Austin. This is a significant milestone as it marks the expansion of BuiltBy DEN beyond the Hudson Valley to meet the distinctive housing needs of the Austin region.

Founded in 2020, DEN emerged as an innovative and design-forward solution in the home building sector, offering a unique blend of premium design, simplicity, and a profound connection to nature. We started with our BuiltBy You models, modern and thoughtfully-designed cabins that complemented their surrounding worlds. Our journey began in the Hudson Valley, and today, we’re eager to bring the same exceptional service to the thriving city of Austin.

Why Austin?

Austin stands as a hub for artists, creators, and innovators, echoing our commitment to designing homes that blend seamlessly with the natural landscape while providing modern convenience and luxury. The city's vibrant neighborhoods, brimming with culture, resonate with our diverse global community of dreamers and makers, making it an ideal location for DEN's expansion. Amid a challenging housing market marked by rising prices, limited stock, and accelerated population growth, BuiltBy DEN emerges as a timely solution, offering beautifully designed and affordably priced modern homes to the residents of Austin.

We understand that building a home is a substantial undertaking, filled with questions about finding a parcel of land, financing, and sourcing reliable and trustworthy contractors. BuiltBy DEN is here to demystify the process, guiding you through every aspect from design, land selection, and permitting to project management and construction. Our decision to bring BuiltBy DEN to Austin stems from the city's dynamic growth and the increasing need for design-driven housing solutions.

A New Barnhouse Designed for the ATX Climate

Our expansion to Austin isn’t just about geography. We’ve specifically adapted our exclusive BuiltBy DEN barnhouse designs for the Texas climate. Our Austin model, available in all of our BuiltBy DEN sizes from ADU up to the 3BR/3BA version, embraces the city’s unique lifestyle and weather conditions. We’ve balanced the need to manage Texas’s ample sunshine with the local love for outdoor living. Think: strategically oriented windows, options for an extended deck, and the addition of a pergola or screened-in porch for year-round outdoor enjoyment. The design features dark, muted brown woods on the exterior, inspired by Central Texas aesthetics. Inside, light gray cabinetry paired with bold window frames create a modern, grounded ambiance.

In partnership with Austin-based construction teams, Skelly Build and Carr Residential, we're prepared to bring our distinctive designs to life in this vibrant city. We are now welcoming new customers in the Austin area, with plans to break ground on our first BuiltBy DEN Austin project as early as next month.

Thank you for being part of this exciting chapter. Together, let’s continue building beautiful, modern homes that inspire and bring joy to many.

-Mike Romanowicz, DEN CEO & Founder