Modern Loft Barnhouse in Wisconsin

This DEN Modern Loft Barnhouse is lovingly called The Alma House. Built in beautiful Pleasantville, Wisconsin the Alma House is being built by Brent Johnson and his family. 

This build features the DEN Modern Loft Farmhouse

The Alma House is an 880 square foot classic farmhouse design complete with two bedrooms, a bathroom, full kitchen, and walk out deck. Brent and his family chose this design because it offers the largest amount of space within their budget, and they liked the look and layout. Plus, they are DIYing their build!
We interviewed Brent midway thru his DIY build process to get the lowdown on how things are going, their experience with the build, and how they decided to get started with this project. Read our conversation below! 

Tell us About Who You Are

Who are you and why did you want to embark on this project?
I’m Brent, a musician and YouTube watcher. My wife, Ashley, is a hair stylist. We’ve dreamt of having a place outside the city where we can rest, better connect to nature, and have more free space for our daughter to roam.

What are you passionate about in life?

Community. Connection. Being parents. Traveling. Food. Music. Coffee. Nature. SO MANY THINGS!

What’s special about the area/region you’re building in?

It’s home for Brent. We’re surrounded by rolling hills, beautiful pastures, vibrant sunsets, bright starry skies.

Show us Your Project

What drew you to this piece of property? What’s special about it?
The land we’re building on is farm land that has been in the family for five generations. The dairy farm that Brent’s parents and brothers own and operate is just a short distance up the road from our build site.
What DEN design are you building and what drew you to that model?
We are building the Modern Loft Farmhouse. We chose this design because it has the largest amount of space within our budget, and we liked the look and layout. Plus it will look good with a guest house if and when we get to that point!
What stage are you at in your build?
Exterior 95% done, interior framed and just starting our rough in’s.

Share More About Your Build

What modifications did you make to your DEN design, if any?
Rotated the layout and added another loft.
How long did your build take?
Probably 2 years. We're DIYing it!
What was your cost per square foot or meter?
Still uncertain what the final cost will be, but it's looking like $125 per square foot.
Did you work with a builder, DIY, or a combination of both?
DIY, but hired out a few things… Excavating, concrete work, metal roof, and plumbing.
Did you run into any challenges during your process? How did you overcome them?
Everyday haha! Step back and look at the big picture and remember why you’re on this journey!

Share your DEN Experience

How did you find DEN?
What drew you to the DEN designs?
They are beautiful and DIY friendly.
Are you glad you chose DEN?
How would you rate your overall experience as a DEN customer?
Can’t complain, I just wish I could build them all!

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