DIY A-Frame Kit Deposit
DIY A-Frame Kit Deposit
DIY A-Frame Kit Deposit
DIY A-Frame Kit Deposit
DIY A-Frame Kit Deposit
DIY A-Frame Kit Deposit

DIY A-Frame Kit Deposit

Regular price $2,000.00

The Den Kit Cabin

This is a market first. The only truly DIY A-frame building kit on the market today, delivering on the promise that using simple tools you can have your very own cabin built within a long weekend. Our innovative kit features carefully planned engineering to enable a fast build with interlocking parts, guiding the builder at each step with an intuitive design.

Full details on the kit can be found here.

Full Payment Schedule for the $21,000 total cost is as follows.

  • $2,000 Refundable Deposit (complete after this step)
  • $12,000 Stage 1 Payment (fabrication of your kit)
  • $7,000 Stage 2 Payment (shipment of your kit)

After paying the reservation fee, you will be contacted by our sales team to book a meeting, during which the total price might be adjusted based on your selection of extra features, transportation, and the location of your cabin. A full refund is possible if the order is canceled 14 days after the initial transaction.

Acorn Finance apply and get affordable payment options from multiple lenders


  115 sq ft. (no permit required in many locations)
  12' tall with 11' high ceilings
  Sleeps 2 with a king, queen, or two twin beds
  Floor to ceiling windows
  Off grid or on grid setup
  4 seasons compatible with thermally insulated floors and walls

Below we explain the difference between each license category, and a quick way to determine which one you might fall into.

In either case, one plan purchased equals one Den built, and you must buy multiple licenses to build additional Dens.

Residential License

  • You are a home owner or a property owner. Not a business.
  • You’re using your own social security number when filling out forms

You’re building your Den…

  • as an accessory dwelling to your existing house
  • as a primary structure on land you own as an individual
  • to host guests or family, or as a studio or workspace
  • to Airbnb it a few times to cover your basic costs
  • to Airbnb it full time to generate some extra cash for your family

Commercial License

  • You are a LLC, C-corp or other business entity
  • You are a general contractor
  • You are a real estate or hospitality developer
  • You own one or multiple hotels, event spaces or similar
  • You own one or more residential properties as a commercial entity
  • You’re using an EIN number when filling out forms

You’re building Den(s)

  • on behalf of a client as a certified Den builder
  • as part of a residential development
  • as a way to drive interest in your new hospitality project
  • as a way to add units to a pre-existing hotel, events space, or commercial property
  • to fuel growth in your small to medium scale Airbnb business

Why are Commercial Licenses more?

As a certified Den commercial license owner you're getting:

  • Designs that have been proven to attract attention
  • Designs that command premium nightly rates
  • Licensing costs that can be paid back quickly based on rental rates
  • Licensing costs that are far more affordable than compared to hiring a traditional firm
  • [Optional] Den Marketing that supports your project

Interested in learning more? You can read about our licensing terms here.

Still not sure? Or, if you are interested in volume based discounts for commercial licenses...

Reach out to a Den team member and we'll get back to you immediately.

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