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The definitive gift for yourself or anyone who wants to build a cabin! A limited-edition series of 500 numbered units, this all-in-one box contains the best of what Den has to offer

We've included printed plans for our most popular and easiest to build A-frame, the Den Bunk Cabin along with a 76 page, beautifully printed full-color field guide to show you the ropes before you break ground. Artist series poster and patches to keep you inspired. A ruler and carpenter's pencil enable you to sketch, take notes, and draw diagrams in the fun (and valuable) interactive exercises contained in the workbook.

Remember to always measure twice, and cut once. 

Included in the Box

Full A-frame Bunk Cabin blueprints
  76-page full-color field guide
  Artist series illustrated poster 
  2 Cabin and DIY inspired patches 
  Den 12 inch ruler
  Den carpenter's pencil
  Fun & interactive exercises
  Everything you need to start building

How much does it cost to build a cabin?

Everything is designed really well. The lofted ceilings. The oversized doors. All the little details. It is very non-pro user friendly. Hiring an architect can be a nightmare. People tell me they are paying $12-15k for designs. DEN saved me a lot of money.


The final result is nothing less than stunning. The design is sleek, nestled into the back hillside in a way that is both formidable but also understated.

Julia Sherman, @saladforpresident

When Den came out with the Barnhouse Plus, it was exactly the design we needed, and it was also unique enough to diversify our build from the other short-term rentals in the area.

Megan Moulton, @tenmileden

Going the route of a tradition build using plans from Den has proven to be the simplest & most affordable approach, as well as the easiest to get permitted.

Stephen Proctor, @rivendellxpnw

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How much does it cost to build a Den cabin?

We provide budgeting guidance throughout our website on how much it’ll cost to build a DEN, and while these estimates are data driven and some of the most accurate in the industry, they are not price guarantees. The best way to find out the price for your DEN, with your builder, in your location, given current market conditions for materials, is to buy a set of plans and use these to start costing the project with your builder or local lumber yard.

Do you offer customizations on DEN building plans?

At this time, our customizations pipeline is currently full, and we aren't taking any new requests until further notice. If you are looking to customize your DEN design, we recommend that you reach out to a local engineer or architect who can revise your plans for you.

If you aren’t in a rush with your DEN build and would like to be put on the waitlist, please fill out this form. We'll reach out to you once the queue opens back up.

Thanks for being a DEN customer!

Do DEN building plans come with a list of materials needed?

Yes, DEN provides a Materials and Labor Worksheet with our Complete Package. 

Also known as a "Quantity Take-off" , the worksheet is an editable spreadsheet that can be used to total your project budget and assist you in the procurement phase of the project.  You will use this spreadsheet together with your drawings to get a complete quote from your lumber yard.

The worksheet includes time estimates for major labor tasks so all you need to do is input local labor rates and material pricing and your worksheet will automatically create a total budget. 

What type of license do the Den building plans grant me?

Want to know which licensing category you fall into? Check out this quick guide.

Den building plans provide a non-transferable license to the purchaser to build one, single cabin depicted in the plans in a residential context. What this means is that one plan purchase allows you to build one cabin of this type. If you’d like to build two of this same cabin, you will need to purchase two licenses. This license supports residential implementations for use with short term rentals, however, this standard license does not extend to commercial entities like hotels or real estate developers.

For licensing fees related to real estate developments and hospitality implementations please contact

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