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Major ParkhurstA-Frame House

I looked at several different A-Frame companies and spent a lot of time trying to decide which one to go with. DEN had the best style and the best all-in package, for sure. I’d describe the brand as modern, stylish, natural, and, in terms of the final product, ahead of its time.


Regardless of whether you're building a DEN as designed or just using their resources as a jumping off point for a custom build, Mike and his team are incredibly responsive and collaborative.

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Frequently asked questions by our customers

What is a DEN?

At DEN, we're redefining the word. Our DEN is a meticulously crafted, design-forward modern home tailored for those who appreciate architecture that seamlessly integrates with the natural surroundings. Unlike the wild animal's lair, the famed Denver airport, or a TV room in a house, our DEN is a sanctuary of contemporary living.

How does DEN think about design?

At DEN, design is more than aesthetics—it's an ethos. We believe in creating homes that aren't just visually pleasing, but that also enhance the human experience. Our homes are conceived with a modern sensibility, blending seamlessly with the natural world, whether they are built in nature or not. We're driven by the idea that a home should be a place of connection, relaxation, and reflection, fostering moments that matter. From the architectural lines to the chosen materials, every choice we make is aimed at elevating the everyday living experience, bringing beauty and intention to every nook and cranny.

Is DEN a tiny home company?

While we have a soft spot for compact, efficiently designed spaces, DEN isn't a tiny home brand. We proudly offer a range of designs from cozy to spacious, with 2, 3, and 4 bedroom homes being popular choices among our clientele. After all, comfort and style should be synonymous, regardless of size.

Is DEN a prefab company?

DEN homes are not prefab; they are stick-built on-site. Stick-built homes, in our experience, provide superior design and build quality over prefab options. Prefab homes have constraints due to transportation and often have hidden costs related to shipping and installation. In contrast, DEN focuses on delivering intentional designs and high-quality materials to build top-tier homes at a reasonable cost.

Can you DIY a DEN cabin?

DEN homes are intended to be built by professional, licensed, and insured general contractors. We don't recommend a DIY approach, especially for those without significant construction experience. That said, those with robust knowledge might opt to manage certain parts of the process.

Do you still sell the DEN A-Frame kit?

The nostalgic days of our A-Frame cabin kits were an exciting chapter in 2020. However, we've evolved, focusing now on our BuiltBy You and BuiltBy DEN offerings. This transition allows our customers a richer experience, coupled with more tailored material choices that align with local availability.

Where can you build a DEN?

The BuiltBy You digital plans are crafted for the U.S. market, using the imperial measurement system. However, we've seen customers adapt these plans for metric systems by hiring engineers. Currently, our full-service BuiltBy DEN operates in Hudson Valley, NY, and Austin, TX, with plans for expansion.

What is DEN Outdoors?

In the past, we were often referred to as DEN Outdoors, a reflection of our commitment to enhancing the connection between modern living and the natural world. Today, we go simply by DEN, encapsulating our broadened scope beyond outdoor-oriented homes to a variety of modern, thoughtfully designed residences.

What is a DEN cabin?

A DEN cabin is a uniquely designed modern home that encapsulates relaxation, connection, and thoughtful design. Although rooted in the tradition of cozy and intimate cabin living, a DEN cabin is a contemporary expression of balanced, sustainable living, blurring the boundaries between the indoor and outdoor environment.

How does DEN meet sustainable building standards?

At DEN, sustainability is about balance. While passive houses might be energy efficient, they have a significant carbon impact during construction due to extensive use of spray foam insulation. We prioritize a balance between initial carbon output during construction and emissions during habitation. Our goal is to achieve genuine, long-term sustainability.

Why are some DEN homes so expensive per square foot?

DEN homes emphasize premium design, which can result in a higher cost per square foot, especially for homes with a smaller footprint. Costs depend on various factors, including design, location, builder, and material choices. Our goal is to offer a balance between premium design and affordability.

What does DEN actually save me?

Choosing DEN saves you time, money, and stress. With our digital plans, you avoid the cost and extended timeline of custom plans. If you opt for BuiltBy DEN, we manage the build for you, ensuring quality while saving you time and potential headaches.

Why is DEN better than the alternatives?

Compared to buying existing properties, prefab homes, or spec homes, DEN offers superior design and build quality. The only option that might rival our design quality is a custom home architect. However, we ensure meticulous attention to build details and quality without resorting to price inflation or corner-cutting.

Do I call it DEN or DEN Outdoors?

While our website is denoutdoors.com and many have known us as "DEN Outdoors" in the past, we've evolved and prefer to simply go by "DEN" now. While the spirit of the outdoors is integral to our brand, we feel that "DEN" succinctly captures the essence of our premium modern home designs and our vision for the future.

Does DEN specialize only in cabins?

While cabins—cozy, intimate retreats—inspired our beginnings, DEN's vision reaches further. We design and build modern homes that merge connection and relaxation, no matter their size or location. Our catalog spans beyond the traditional cabin, offering an array of modern residences tailored to a range of lifestyles and settings. Every DEN design, whether cabin-inspired or not, is rooted in thoughtful modern living.

Do you offer DEN decorating ideas?

We provide material specifications for primary elements like kitchen cabinets and appliances. For interior furnishings, we share recommendations through our blog and social media, focusing on modern and Scandinavian-inspired designs.

What is a den in a house?

Traditionally, a 'den' is a secondary communal living space in a home, a place for families to relax and unwind. It might be equipped with a TV, a library, or other entertainment options. At DEN, we've taken this concept to heart—our mission is to create entire homes that embody this spirit of relaxation and connection. Through thoughtful design, every part of a DEN home invites its inhabitants to relax, reconnect, and rejuvenate.

What does a fox den look like?

The term "fox den" holds a special significance for us. Our CEO embarked on a journey to construct a cabin in the woods, which he affectionately named "The Fox Den" in honor of his son, Fox. While many think of a "fox den" as a wild animal's burrow, for us, it represents the origins of DEN. It's not about escaping but about harmoniously integrating with nature, using design and intention to craft a space that feels right at home amidst the trees and landscape.

What is the concept of DEN?

The concept of DEN revolves around the creation of modern, design-forward homes that embrace both aesthetic appeal and functionality. We believe in balance — in sustainability, in design, and in the lifestyle our homes encourage — to ensure every DEN residence is a place of inspiration, relaxation, and deep connection.

Is a DEN a basement?

A den in the traditional sense is a secondary communal living space which could be located in the basement of a home, although not always. For us, a DEN is a meticulously designed living space, created with the intent to uplift and inspire every moment spent within its walls. Our homes are full-standing structures, each crafted to enhance the experience of modern living in various settings.