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Hey, can we add in a backdoor over here?

Jannet McDavid

7 minutes ago


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Sterling Homes

$260,500 – $280,250

McKeal Group

$260,500 – $280,250


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  • A-Frame Retreat

    from $299.00
  • A-Frame Retreat

    from $299.00
  • A-Frame Retreat

    from $299.00
  • A-Frame Retreat

    from $299.00

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Meet Joe & Alyssa

  • Colorado

  • Added windows

  • Alpine Plus 2.0

  • $225,200 USD

The final result is nothing less than stunning. The design is sleek, nestled into the back hillside in a way that is both formidable but also understated.

Alyssa Sherman

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A guided process for your next cabin build

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