You have dreams of cabin living, but you're not sure where to start. Sound like a familiar story? Not to worry.

Our field guide and tools will help get you off to the right start.

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An inspiring look into the process of making your own dream cabin.

Kolin Q.

I bought the field guide as a step to making my dreams a reality. I start building this year!

Gary S.
So, you want to build a cabin.

You’ve seen the handful of companies that sell plans, kits, or content to help you, but you’re still searching and wondering how to start.

Have you been discouraged by building because you thought it was something you could take on, but after more digging thought not so much?

We know. This was us too, and we couldn’t find anything online that really helped us get where we wanted in terms of vision, vibe, design, and executing on a build. 

Do these things ring true to you right now?

I don’t even know where to start!
I’m not sure if I can do this myself.
I wish someone could be my guide on how to start my build.

Get the Field Guide

Your cabin can become a reality.

It doesn’t have to be a dream that fizzles out before you pick up your first box of nails. 

You don’t have to get lost in Pinterest boards and YouTube channels only to shut your laptop completely depleted. 

We’re here to help, and we wrote a short and fun to read field guide to help give you the confidence, understanding, and actionable steps to get move forward with building your cabin.

This field guide has given me the confidence that I can turn my cabin dream into reality.

Simple, comprehensive, and left me motivated to learn more about this ideal way of living!

One full year.

I’m the founder of Den, and that’s how long I was my own roadblock in taking any sort of action other than just dreaming about my future cabin.

I'm Mike. This is my story.

I was full of inspiration, but my property lay vacant and my wife ran out of patience. I didn’t know where to start. I had searched for content, companies, and books online that would help me figure it out. But, I just couldn’t find the right resources.

I left caution to the wind and decided to dive right in and just figure it out as I went.

I knew before I raised a single wall that this approach wouldn’t work for everyone, and that I could help others find a shorter path towards the same life changing outcome. 

So what did I do? I documented the whole process. I drew up my cabin and had an engineer convert them to proper plans. I pulled together permits, materials, and tools.

I recruited a team of skilled craftspeople and enthusiastic friends, and broke ground. 

Now I have a gorgeous cabin in the woods. A simple and beautiful place to retreat, create, hang with my family, and be closer to nature.

I started Den to help you do the same.

This can be your story.

I have been looking at property and imagining getting a cabin retreat in the mountains for the past 20 years. I bought How to Build a Cabin as a step to making that a reality. I have since purchased a 40 acre property in the western Catskills and look forward to building that dream cabin in the coming year.

After purchasing our land and hitting that first moment of being a bit overwhelmed by all the "advice" we were receiving Den provided the perfect balance of inspiration and practical advice to empower us with the knowledge that we were certainly capable of handling this.

We are the experts and friends you have been searching for that can help you start at the very beginning, and gain the momentum you need towards building your own architecturally stunning, modern cabin.

Get the Cabin Plans in a Box

When you are ready to stop dreaming and start doing, we can help you with things like:

Finding the best cabin plans for you and deciding where to build.

Buying land and picking the most ideal build site.

Setting a budget that’s realistic and easy to stick to.

What you can do yourself, and what you should hire out for.

Laying a foundation, framing, adding utilities, and finishes to your cabin.

Moving in, staying inspired, and more...

Built in Nature: How to Build a Cabin

This field guide is 78 pages of practical advice, engaging exercises, and scenario planning based on real-life experience of the founder of Den.

Get Started Building Your Den

The book is broken down by chapter where we address the following ideas:


We’ll walk you through how to decide on which type, location, and features of your future parcel of land are most important to you.  


Already have land? Where should you build your cabin? This is a highly strategic decision that we’ve broken down to help lead you in the best direction for plotting your build site.


Will you be paying for the cost of your cabin out of pocket? Or, do you need financing? These types of questions require research and consideration, which we’ve already done! We’ll also break down the allocation of your budget to help you understand what percentages of your money you’ll spend on things like land, materials, tools, site prep, expert assistance, and splurges.


Even if you’re DIYing, it’s highly unlikely that no other set of hands will touch your build. On the flip side, if you’re hiring out a team, where do you start? We’ll sort it out with you here.


From prepping your building site, setting up your power and water sources, considering going on or off grid, to putting the foundation and framing up for your cabin, and even selecting the best types of windows. We’ve got you covered.


This part might be far off, but imagining where you’ll land is all part of the journey, and can keep you encouraged in the early parts of your build. Take a moment with us, towards the end of the book, to plan out how you want your cabin to look and feel, down to the last lighting fixture.


To wrap things up, we’ve provided you with a list of resources hand selected by our founder to keep the momentum going and get you even closer towards your completed cabin.

From here, you have two paths towards taking the next steps with Den.

Cabin Plans in a Box


A limited-edition series of 500 numbered units, this all-in-one box contains the best of what Den has to offer.

Included in the Box:

• Printed plans for our most popular and easiest to build A-frame, the Den Bunk Cabin 

• The Built in Nature: How to Build a Cabin 76 page, beautifully printed full-color field guide to show you the ropes before you break ground 

• Artist series poster and patches to keep you inspired

• A ruler and carpenter's pencil enable you to sketch, take notes, and draw diagrams in the fun (and valuable) interactive exercises contained in the workbook

• A beautiful box of branded Den swag provides the perfect gift for yourself or any cabin loving friends.

Get the Cabin Plans in a Box
How to Build a Cabin Field Guide


An Ideas Booklet for Cabin Enthusiasts and the DIY Curious.

This is the definitive field guide that will get you ready to build your den.

Its simple premise is to offer easy-to-follow exercises to help the reader conceptualize their future in nature, alongside one family's real-life experience.

The pages of this book contain our DIY process documented and converted into a light-hearted and action-oriented guide to help you do the same.

"I got this book and couldn’t put it down. Whether you’re dreaming, building, or living in your cabin, this book is a great tool for any point in the process. I’m looking forward to the day this book will be a coffee table piece and conversation starter in my very own Den" - Brent J.

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