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Den offers an immediate connection to the landscape.

An easy and cost-effective way for anyone to create a cozy retreat.

Den Outdoors products perfectly respond to the philosophy of DIY.

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Captivating Designs Now Available Internationally

The world's favorite small house plans have been natively redesigned in the metric system for an international community of builders.

Featured across the globe by some of the most influential architectural and design outlets in the world.

Why Choose Den Global? →

  Access to the world's best designs from certified architects and designers
  Metric building plans
  A global community of builders and design-minded folks
  Advanced detailing for mechanical, plumbing, and electrical systems
  Den style design results, anywhere in the world
  Lifetime version updates and access to your favorite designs
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Metric plans for the global design community →

Natively designed in metric

Our designs are natively designed for the metric system. These aren't just simple unit conversions of our popular imperial designs.

Globally recognized

The world's most influential design communities recognize Den as a leader in the small house design space.

International access

People from all over the world are building Den designs. We're bringing them together to make high design more accessible.

Let's build something together.

Thousands of people worldwide are using Den to build. These designs are proven to be beautiful, functional, and simple to use.

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What's Included in Metric Plans


Metric Package
Lifetime Version Updates
PDF Plans (Printable)
CAD (Editable)
3D Model
Floorplan designs
Elevation designs
Foundation designs
Kitchen & Bathroom Details
Window & Door Schedule
Roof & Floor Framing designs
Deck Framing designs
Structural Details
Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing designs
Full Materials List
Fixtures style guide
Furniture & Objects style guide
Suggested Equipment list

Frequently Asked Questions


Are Den Metric plans natively designed in my measurement system?

Yes! We are the one of the only plan providers who has completely redesigned each of our models natively for the metric system. We did not do simple unit conversions from the Imperial plan sets which would leave you with complicated measurements full of decimal points and confusion. Our metric plans are clean, accurate, and (perhaps most importantly,) buildable!

Can I buy the materials from Den?

No, we do NOT sell the materials for your build. We do, however, offer a comprehensive materials list that is an invaluable asset to save you time and effort in buying your materials locally. At Den, we’ve put together such a list to bring to any hardware store and lumber yard and easily purchase everything at once. This convenience gives you a sense of what’s involved and the cost of the materials. You can also use this to check contractors on their own materials estimates if you’re hiring a team, which we encourage.

How can I customize my metric plans?

Included in your Metric package are the editable CAD files which will allow for you or your local architect to modify your plans. At this time we are NOT offering any customizations or modifications for Metric plans thru Den. This is something you would do with your own locally hired team of experts.

How do I ensure my plans meet the local building code requirements in my country?

We encourage all of our customers to seek the services of a local structural engineer who will review and approve your plans based on your specific local requirements. If any changes or modifications need to be made to localize the plans, your structural engineer will do so on your behalf.

Are the suggested materials going to be available in my country?

The provided materials list features standard metric based materials. While exact materials will vary depending on what is locally available to you, these lists are meant to inform the overall order quantities and volumes for your project. The window and door schedules are based on materials from a European based supplier, and the measurements are based on standard metric window and door openings, which means you will be able to purchase correctly sized windows and doors regardless of your location.

How much will it cost to build my Den?

Due to the highly variable conditions from country to country across labor and materials costs, there's no one simple answer to this question that will apply to everyone! We encourage you to search for your country's national average cost for new construction and use that, along with a set of Den plans, to inform your cost estimates. In the US we are finding the national average numbers to be a great baseline for costing out projects, so we expect you will find the same.

Do the Den Metric plans meet Eurocodes requirements?

Den plans are designed to meet the most recent Eurocodes requirements, and we encourage you to double check this with your local structural engineer. For more information on Eurocodes see this webpage.

Can I trade in my Den Imperial plans for Den Metric plans of the same design?

No. These products are considered different plan sets, even though they are based on the same designs. Unlike other companies, we do not just do simple unit conversions of our plans. Rather, we redesign them natively for the metric system. This means you will receive metric plans that are actually usable!

What details or drawings do Den plans include?

We deliver our plans with an incredible amount of detail to make a DIY or professional builder succeed in delivering a structurally sound, high performing, and lasting home. Though Den plans vary between models depending on the detail required, generally they're around 12 pages and contain the following drawings: floor plans, foundation plan, roof framing plan, building elevations, build section(s), construction details (like specific flashing installation), window and door schedules, interior elevations and details (like cabinetry installation), fastener schedules, and a code compliant electrical plan + HVAC.

Can you build my Den for me, or recommend a local builder to help me build my cabin?

We do not currently offer building services at Den. Similarly, we do not have an approved builder list that spans the entire world so we can't guarantee we have a suggested builder in your region! For more information on how to find a builder in your area, read this article.

Can you help me with my Den building project?

Our expert support team is here to help you over email over the course of your planning process. Along with the purchase of your Metric plans, you get access to email support from our team. Since we are US based, depending on your local time zone you should expect a slight delay between email communications with our team. We can always be reached at

What's with the Imperial system anyway?

We're not sure. Metric makes way more sense. 😉