BuiltBy DEN 2.2 ATX

Regular price $499,000.00

A two-bed, two-bath modern farmhouse exclusive to our BuiltBy DEN platform — full service homebuilding in the Hudson Valley and Austin, TX

  • 1,300 sq ft
  • 2 bedrooms
  • 2 bathrooms
  • Sleeps 4-6 people

A Scandinavian inspired modern farmhouse

Discover the BuiltBy DEN modifications we've made for our expansion into Austin, TX. This product represents the available modifications across the entire BuiltBy DEN collection, crafted with Austin’s unique climate and lifestyle at its core. This version balances the need to manage Texas’s ample sunshine with a desire to embrace the outdoors. Opt for strategically oriented windows and an optional extended deck to blend comfort with connection to the landscape. The addition of a pergola or screened-in porch offers a shield from the sun, ensuring year-round enjoyment. Echoing Central Texas aesthetics, the exterior sports dark, muted brown woods, while the interior contrasts light gray cabinetry with bold window frames, reflecting a modern, grounded ambiance. BuiltBy DEN models are exclusive to the BuiltBy platform and are not available for sale through the digital plans store. BuiltBy DEN is our new full service homebuilding platform that you can check out here.

Design highlights


  1,300 sq ft. (26' Length x 48' Width)
  Sleeps 4-6
  first floor bedroom suites with vaulted ceilings
  2 full bathroom with porcelain tile floors and walls
  Full kitchen with light gray cabinets and premium stainless steel appliances and fixtures
  Floor to ceiling sliding patio doors and large operable windows
  Laundry room with full size front loading washer and dryer
  Conditioned attic for storage and equipment
  Ducted heat pump and ERV for heating, cooling, and ventilation
  Solid wood siding and decking
  Standing seam metal roofing
  Engineered hardwood flooring
  Extended front and back pergola or porch optional
BuiltBy DEN Exclusive.

You asked.
We answered.

How much does a BuiltBy DEN cost?

We’ve designed our BuiltBy DEN exclusive models meticulously to meet premium design, build quality, and amenity standards while still offering people an attainable, transparent price. In the Hudson Valley and Catskills, not including land, our smallest model the ADU (Accessory dwelling unit) starts at $199k, our small DEN 1BR starts at $299k, our medium DEN 2BR starts at $499k, and our large DEN 3BR starts at $699k.

Where is BuiltBy DEN currently available?

Upstate New York in the Hudson Valley and the Catskills and select surrounding areas with expansion markets to quickly follow.

If you want to build a DEN with us in another region, we encourage you to reach out now.

How is BuiltBy DEN different from working with my local builder?

We manage the entire project for you, so you don’t have to worry about finding a builder, looking up other vendors, learning all the steps in the process, following up on various tasks, or managing communication, payment, and timelines. The DEN team handles all of that, making homebuilding far more convenient, transparent, and stress-free — for everyone involved.

How does the project management of BuiltBy DEN work?

We vet the best builders in the area, optimizing for build quality, cost, and professionalism. We then get full transparency on all invoicing and costs, to make sure you aren’t overcharged or faced with confusing change orders. Finally, we’re available if the project faces confusing decisions around timelines, invoicing dates, or conflicts. We are here to protect your project from start to finish.

What if I already purchased a set of digital plans from DEN?

We thank you for your early support of our digital plans! BuiltBy DEN has a separate set of exclusive plans that we strongly encourage our customers to build with because they are optimized for premium design and efficiency, but we can discuss your final plan preferences 1:1. Either way, we’ll discount the total purchase price of the digital plans from your BuiltBy DEN project cost.

What’s included in my project price?

Full end-to-end project management, from finding land to keys in hand of a turnkey, newly built home.

Can I substitute or mix and match my own materials and finishes?

We’ve optimized these designs for the perfect mix of quality design and attainable pricing. We encourage you to trust our decisions here to maintain the timeline, cost, and simplicity of these home builds. If you decide you want to explore customizations, we only ask that you understand this will add time, money, and complexity.

What if I don’t have land?

We can help you find and finance land as we have pre-vetted parcels and broker and financing partners. 

Are you building it or do you hire builders?

We match you with a vetted, DEN-approved builder-partner, and we follow you and your project every step of the way. We’ve got transparency with our partners on all invoices and pricing, so we can make sure you get your project done on time and on budget.

Can I use BuiltBy DEN with other DEN models?

We designed our four exclusive BuiltBy DEN models to balance great design, efficiency, and price sensitivity. They are also ready to build anywhere based on the materials specified. We encourage potential customers to take that into account when deciding which model to build. If after that consideration, you’d like to build one of the catalog models, we can discuss that 1:1.

Can I add a pool, garage, and outbuildings?

Yes, we can add outbuildings and pools. These options are included in our form.

Do you include landscaping?

For an additional cost, we can roll it into the construction contract.