Modern Alpine Plus - Den
Modern Alpine Plus - Den
Modern Alpine Plus - Den
Modern Alpine Plus - Den
Modern Alpine Plus - Den
Modern Alpine Plus - Den
Modern Alpine Plus - Den
Modern Alpine Plus - Den
Modern Alpine Plus - Den
Modern Alpine Plus - Den
Modern Alpine Plus - Den
Modern Alpine Plus - Den
Modern Alpine Plus - Den
Modern Alpine Plus - Den
Modern Alpine Plus - Den
Modern Alpine Plus - Den
Modern Alpine Plus
Modern Alpine Plus

Modern Alpine Plus

Regular price $299.00

2 Bedroom Modern Loft Cabin

This design is everything you love about the Modern Cottage and the A-frame Retreat... all rolled into one, with a touch of Alpine aesthetics. With a classic, galley kitchen, two full bedrooms, and a central spiral staircase this home is the perfect space to retreat to the woods with a couple of good friends. Outfitted with a gorgeous large deck and an entire front facing facade of glass, you'll move seamlessly between your comfortable indoor space and your very own outdoor living area. Think twinkle lights, a barbecue, and lots of cozy nights wrapped in a blanket under the stars.


  816 sq ft. (34' Length x 16' Width plus loft)
  Approx. 21' (top of foundation to roof peak)
  Sleeps 4
  Lofted bedroom
  1st floor bedroom
  Full bathroom with soaking tub
  Full kitchen with 4 burner stove
  Large outdoor deck
  Entire 16' wall of glass
  Ample storage space
  Wood or gas stove
  Mini-split for heat & A/C
$199,512 Cost to Build*
*based on the national average of $244.50/sq ft. 

So you're wondering which design package to purchase to enable your process to building a Den?

Click here to read a helpful guide that explains how it all works, and works together.

If you've ever asked...

  • Can I customize or modify my Den design?
  • How will I ensure that my build is compliant to local code (seismic, wind, snow loads, insulation requirements)?
  • Are CAD files available to give to my engineer or architect?
  • Then the Complete Package is for you!

The Complete Package contains:

  • Highly detailed 3D Model in SketchUp format
  • 3D Model contains furniture, kitchen, and bathroom objects
  • Floorplans and elevations in AutoCAD format

What the Complete Package is good for:

  • Customizing your Den design
  • Modifying your Den design to ensure local code compliance
  • Saving money when collaborating with an engineer or architect (It's way less expensive than redrawing all the details from scratch)
  • Exploring your own interior design and furniture selections

We offer customizations for all customers who purchase a Complete package, for an additional project fee.

To request a custom project quote email us at

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    Complete Package
    License to Build
    Lifetime Version Updates
    PDF Plans (Printable)
    CAD (Editable)
    3D Model
    Kitchen & Bathroom Details
    Window & Door Schedule
    Roof & Floor Framing
    Structural Details
    Mech., Electrical, Plumbing
    Materials & Labor Worksheet
    Furniture & Objects

    We've made it easy to build a cabin

    Buy the plans

    In order to begin building your Den cabin in nature, you need to start with a set of plans. You can't unlock the rest of the process without them.

    Get them approved

    Take your plans to your local building department to ensure your build is compliant with all local regulations, and get your plans approved.

    Plan your build

    Need to find a contractor, or want to wrap your head around how you'll frame the wall of the cabin? Our detailed plans precisely inform all these conversations.

    What does it cost to build?

    $244.50/sq foot with labor included

    We encourage all our customers to plan for a construction cost of at least a cost of $244.50 per square foot (the national average). This cost assumes the use of labor, and that you’ll be working with a team of carpenters, plumbers, and electricians to build your cabin. 

    Start with the right set of plans

    Do you know who are the three most important people that will look at your building plans?

    Read the Guide